Shots from all sides of the lens while making movies. Actuality Media takes crews to developing communities around the globe to create positive media about changemakers.


Travel Documents


Anyone traveling to a foreign country must have a valid passport. Check your passport expiration date. It needs to expire no soonerthan 6 months after the date you arrive in your outreach country. Many countries won’t grant entry to individuals…

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Ecuador Changemakers

The changemakers  for Quito Ecuador are….


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Here are just a few picture we took on the five day shoot. It was awesome and I can’t even wait to see it. I giggled a lot during scenes because the actors did such a great job. I hope it goes somewhere and it’s a fun family film!

If you want to check out more feel free to check out the movie’s Facebook!


Last night went well for it being my first shoot as a DP. The only reason I was nervous was because, due to weather (we got rained out eventually), we were suuper rushed. Didn’t get all the coverage I wanted, but I think what I got was pretty good! They will have a lot to work with. :)

—-The pic is me and my AC working on the shoulder mount. Exciting. haha—-